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Supply Chain Specialist, Galleria Houston

Job Description

The Supply Chain Specialist reports to the Supply Chain Manager in the Catalyst and Absorbents business.  This position is responsible for forecasting, customer service, procurement, scheduling, inventory, logistics, and invoicing activities associated with the support of assigned product lines and production operations.  The Supply Chain Specialist interacts daily with customers, suppliers, salespersons, freight personnel, import/export brokers, warehouses, manufacturing sites and colleagues in Europe.


  • Purchasing:  Prepare and issue Purchase Orders for materials, goods and services according to Company Grant of Authority for role.

  • Invoice Approval:  Review and approve payment for issued Purchase Orders as well as approve and code Freight, Brokerage and Warehouse Services invoices.

  • Order Acknowledgement:  Assess inventory, production and 3rd party supply of goods and services to confirm ability to fulfill customer purchase orders. Issue Order Acknowledgements to customer.

  • Scheduling:  Arrange and adjust customer product and purchased material deliveries with respective parties.  Work with Sales to satisfy customer requirements within company limitations. 

  • Freight, Brokerage & Warehouse Services:  Identify needs and organize inbound and outbound domestic and global shipments according to established contracts and spot market negotiations.

  • Forecasting:  Monitor the CRM system, maintain SAP order & forecast data, solicit sales input, consolidate data, and provide availability information for finished goods. Develop forecasts for and coordinate the procurement of raw materials and intermediates to support production schedules in coordination with manufacturing sites.

  • Customer Service:  Take, acknowledge and fulfill orders.  Maintain job files, prepare order documentation and provide customer service with thorough communication throughout the order life cycle.

  • Production Scheduling:  Create and manage production schedules to meet product requirements for domestic customer orders, exports and inventory. 

  • Procurement: Procure raw materials, intermediates, finished products, packaging and services to support assigned production facilities, product lines and customers. Work with Corporate Procurement to coordinate purchases for designated materials.

  • Logistics:  Coordinate transportation of raw materials, intermediate and finished goods to meet delivery requirements domestically and internationally.  Prepare, manage and provide documents and information to import/export brokers, truckers, freight forwarders, suppliers and customers. Assure timely delivery including expediting as may be required.

  • Warehouse:  Coordinate delivery, packaging, labelling and shipments with company and 3rd party warehouses for assigned production facilities, product lines and customers.  

  • Invoice Processing:  Collect and record freight, storage, service, product and metals costs necessary for invoicing of customers.

  • Accounting Support:  Collaborate with Accounting and Finance personnel to utilize SAP as proscribed to record and account for transactions. Assist with issue resolution, closing activities and preparation of customer invoices, including product pricing calculations.